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It's 10 o'clock and I'm still half asleep... lol!! I've been up since 7:40 and I look like I juste woke up! Totally not my day... but I hope you guys like this new wallpaper... I wasn't too sure about it, I had to do all the brushwork again because I changed the background color... it looked great on my laptop but it looked bright yellow when I was looking at it on my PC so I changed it and it took a LONG time. The lyrics were gonna to be Maybe I'm Amazed by Jem but it just didn't worked out so I changed them and I think the lyrics fits and it's such a great song, so that's a plus! So I hope you enjoy it and don't hotlink this please. Thank you! And thanks to everyone who commented on my last wallpaper, I didn't personnally thanked every person who commented because I feel that saying 10 times makes it lose its meaning... so thank you to you guys!

brushes: 44 suburbia + damnapple
textures: tre
pictures: mine
pattern: mine
fonts: copperglate gothic light + avant garde bk
lyrics: pj harvey - one line

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