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I'm blue da ba dee...

- I don't know what's wrong with me but these are pretty much all blue or green-ish. And btw, there's a lot of icons that I put textless... but the thing is that I used the text more like a border than actually text... so that's why all the textless icons. And there's 2 icons that I totally forgot where I took the text from, if you know what artist they are from, please tell me!!

Don't forget the mouse over thing for the text... and btw, texless icons are not bases...

comment / credit / no hotlinking

*24 Gilmore Girls
    - 12 Lauren Graham
*06 X-Files

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Gilmore Girls
01. -textless- 02. can't you see, you belong to me (Police) 03. can you see his face now, can you see his face 04. closer
05. drenched in my pain again (Green Day) 06. friends / they are all friends 07. gilmore 08. -textless
09. -textless- 10. lauren graham 11. -textless- 12. -textless
13. -textless- 14. lauren graham 15. -textless- 16. lauren graham / you're the last of your kind (Grant Lee Phillips)
17. she looked good, she looked fine and I nearly lost my mind (I don't remember...) 18. lauren graham 19. numb 20. my intentions were clear
21. stand still / would you just stand still 22. the kids / 'cause someday it won't be a dream 23. what do i do when i fall through (sam phillips) 24. you're the only one who could have brought me here (?)

25. Everbody's changing and I don't feel the same (Keane) 26. Fighter / thanks for making me a fighter (Christina Aguilera) 27. last goodbye / this is our last goodbye (Jeff Buckley) 28. missed you
29. scully 30. -textless-



{ Well, if you have a big one you don't need a small one. Don't say 'dirty', it's too easy. }
++ Luke (411 In the Clamor and the Clangor )
Tags: gilmore girls, icons, lauren graham, lorelai & luke, xf

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